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Frozen food is the foundation of our original business. Owner, Tony Nelson hand-picks the ever-changing selection, something that he has been doing for almost 25 years. It goes without saying, he knows this business and what people want. 

We feature over 40 different frozen Fruits & Vegetables perfect for home bakers or smoothie fanatics! Plus we offer frozen Seafood, Ontario Chicken, Pork and Beef, Appetizers, Pizzas, Ready to Bake Breads and Rolls, Ready to Go Meals and Desserts. Be sure to drop in weekly if not daily to check-out our featured specials that are offered at prices you will not believe.

All of our products are sold in resealable/clear bags making it easy to see what you are buying while ensuring lasting freshness and convenience. 

We have everything you need to host a great Holiday Party!

Check out all our locally sourced food items.  Sauce from Pasta Tavola, Mustard from Cressy Mustard, Maple syrup, Honey, cheese....the list is endless....